Advanced Athletic Services



Compaction is the biggest single problem encountered by sports turf managers.  Compaction is compression of the soil, which reduces the movement of air, water and nutrients through the soil profile. Compaction issues — caused by heavy traffic — drive the need for frequent aeration on sports fields.

We  offer several aerating techniques to reduce soil compaction and improve  the safety and playability of the turf surface. The services we offer  include:

  • Deep tine aeration utilizing solid or coring tines
  • Traditional core aerating
  • Deep slicing with the SISIS Maxislit
  • Deep linear decompaction/aerating with the BLEC Groundbreaker
  • Air injection aerating utilizing the SISIS Aer-Aid System 



Dense, sturdy turf forms the best playing  surface on athletic fields. One method of increasing density is over-seeding. This  process adds turfgrass seed to an existing turf grass base. The primary  objective on athletic fields is to improve the playability of the field with  better stability due to the increased density and the elimination—or at least  the reduction—of bare spots. When performed properly and incorporated into a turf maintenance program, over-seeding can provide dramatic results. 



Top-dressing is one of the most important cultural practices in the maintenance of quality turf.  Top-dressing is the application of a uniform thin layer of soil or finely granulated organic materials applied over the turf surface. It is used to level the playing field when minor variations or depressions are apparent, help to amend physical soil properties and create a better growing environment for the turf and aid in the reduction of thatch. Top-dressing materials include: quality sandy topsoil,  pure sand, sand/compost combination, a sand/calcined clay mixture or any  combination of the above material.

We have the equipment, materials and experience to top dress a field.

Laser Grading


Laser grading athletic fields is necessary to laterally shed surface water from the field and other critical areas while also leveling the field to its surroundings to provide smooth transitions from surface to surface (e.g. infield skin to grass). 

A properly graded field provides a smoother playing surface, decreases standing water, increases playability, fewer rain delays, decreases potential for injuries, fewer bad ball bounces, and reduces holes or settling in heavy play areas.  Laser grading helps field managers to optimize field conditions by maintaining an accurate slope.

Laser grading fields during all phases of construction can be completed by our professional staff using state-of-the-art equipment ensuring quality workmanship.

Drainage Installation & Repair


Whether it is a traditional  installation or a trench installation, we have the equipment to complete  the project quickly and neatly.

The WaterWick® Turf Drainage System eliminates problem wet areas using the patented gravel injection system. The WaterWick® is  designed for all field surfaces, from golf courses to athletic fields,  and treated areas are ready for play immediately. This machine aerates  turf and sub-soil, promoting healthy growth and increasing turf root  zone. Best of all, this treatment is more affordable and less intrusive.

Field Renovation & Construction


Whether you need a complete park construction from  start to finish or field renovations and repairs, we have the equipment  and expertise to complete the project. Our state-of-the-art equipment,  including laser-guided grading equipment, and professional staff ensure  the job is done right the first time. We work closely with clients and engineers to provide a quality finished product.